Fabio Studios

Welcome to Tinos. Welcome to the "Island of the Virgin Mary and Artists",
the "Island of Poseidon and Amphitrite".
Welcome to the unique coral beauty of the Aegean, with reach ancient history and amazing modern mystical beauties. 

The Studios

A best place to
enjoy the sea

In line with Cycladic architecture, Fabio Studios are situated in the Kionia area, only 2.5 km from Chora of Tinos. They are virtually built on the seashore, as the distance between the rooms and the beach is less than 10 meters. All rooms have sea view.



Relax and explore

Our aim is to make your holidays as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, in a pleasant, hospitable and clean environment. We don't want for you to simply “pass through” the place, but to have you stay with us in the future to come.


Easy access to everywhere

The road passing infrond of Fabio Studios connects the area to several villages, tourist attractions and beaches and makes the distance involved much shorter. 

If you would like to visit us, you only have to follow the road to Kionia from the “Pallada” area, where the “new – outer” port of Tinos is situated. Just before the end of the shoreline asphalt roαd (approximately 20 meters) and almost 2.5 km from the port, you will come across the studios.